25 Julio 2014

Aquí están mis 6 auto fotos.
Here are my 6 selfies.

24 Julio 2014
Do you guys really want 6 selfies?
23 Julio 2014
23 Julio 2014
Ya no quiero vivir mi vida en miedo y odio. Miedo de que me hagan daño y odio a los que hacen daño.
20 Julio 2014


The world stands with Palestine.

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18 Julio 2014


Hacia un nuevo amanecer.

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18 Julio 2014


Chittagong, Bangladesh: STAND WITH PALESTINE | RESIST GENOCIDE (A Human Chain)

Saturday, July 19 - 2:30pm
Chittagong Press Club, Jamal Khan Road, 4000 Chittagong
18 Julio 2014
Te noto diferente


-Juan, te noto diferente

-Soy pedro

-Ah, eso era

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17 Julio 2014

Add me.

14 Julio 2014

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13 Julio 2014
13 Julio 2014


“This May Not Be Our Country, But It Has Always Been Our Land”

Protest sign seen Wednesday in San Diego at a demonstration in solidarity with child migrants and their families. In the spirit of Yolanda López, Gloria Anzaldúa, and many more, its truth is powerful and undeniable.

“We want to be the voice of all these children. With their situation, their rights are violated by the government. We ask that they be treated with dignity and respect, to be provided with legal assistance in order to be legally represented,” reads a statement posted by one of the demonstration’s organizers.

Thanks to Kim Moore for sharing her photo with us.

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13 Julio 2014

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13 Julio 2014


Bottle Brush Trees

Jian Chong Min

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13 Julio 2014


Muriendo por estar así contigo ❤️

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